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We are here to provide support and guidance as you pursue your post-secondary degree. Below you will find important updates, information, and links to forms and documents that support Prairie Futures programs.


The deadline for requesting student contract renewals and applications for the 2013-14 Academic year is June 15th, 2013.   Acceptance will be communicated no later than July 15th. Below you will find instructions for completing and submitting your application, along with expectations for continuing support and a summary of the 2013-14 program. If you have any questions do not hesitate to give me a call 281-253-5199.


Prairie Futures Student Application Process


Must submit a letter explaining why you would like to become a nurse and what you have in common with the stated Prairie Futures student values. The application letter should also include an idea for a healthcare community service project and should answer the following three questions:


  1. What percentage of financial aid/student loans will be used to pay for your college?  
  2. How many dependents do you have living in your household?  
  3. Please explain any additional financial aid you may be receiving

    Must submit 3 references that support your decision to become a nurse

    Applications should be submitted to:
    Prairie Futures
    C/O: MHCH Foundation
    P.O. Box 84
    Kimball, South Dakota 57355 www.mhch.org <http://www.mhch.org>
    Or emailed to:

    Prairie Futures Student Values
    ·         Pursuit of excellence and continuous learning.

    ·         Desire to give back to rural communities.

    ·         Teamwork

    ·         Professionalism

    ·         Respect for Diversity

    ·         Flexibility and Adaptability

    Applicant Eligibility:
    ·         Nontraditional students with plans to reside in a rural area.

    ·         Must be out of high school for at least 3 years or show special circumstances which limit one’s ability to relocate to a main university campus

    ·         Must show a compelling financial need

    ·         Displays interest in healthcare through past experiences or references

    ·         Must have a 2.7 GPA and must have a minimum of C in all classes required for the nursing degree

    ·         Must agree to Prairie Futures Student Expectations and Code of Conduct

    2012 Prairie Futures Student Support Program
    ·       Students are assigned a coach that provides support and encouragement as they navigate through the USD Nursing program

    ·       Transportation support for group trips to Pierre and emergency transportation issues

    ·       Nursing Board Prep Class for second year nursing students

    ·       Annual Medical Terminology class

    ·       College Survival Class

    ·       Resume development and job placement support

    ·       Opportunity to apply for $2,000 in tuition reimbursement after graduation and passing of nursing boards

    ·       Semester stipend of $500 with qualifying grades

    ·       $100 annually for individual tutoring (this does not include group tutoring)

    ·       Access to student emergency fund with a qualifying circumstance

    ·       Use of pre-nursing laptops

    Student Expectations for continuing support
    ·       Stipends are discontinued for any student that falls below a 2.7 GPA or makes below a C in a class

    ·       Must meet with coach on a bi-weekly basis to provide update on latest grade point averages and testing schedule. No exceptions.

    ·       Must submit proof of grades at end of semester

    ·       Must attend student social functions and Prairie Future Classes

    ·       Must attend tutoring sessions for any course below a B average

    ·       Must sign USD confidentiality waiver for Prairie Futures Coach

    ·       Must display a willingness to promote teamwork and Prairie Futures Student community by helping fellow classmates be successful and furthering the success of the group

    ·       Must abide by Prairie Futures Student Code of Conduct

    ·       Non-compliance of any of the above may result in discontinuation of support and will be reviewed by board

Prairie Futures Student Program Summary & Expectations

Students who participate as part of the Prairie Futures program must be out of high school for at least three years or have qualifying personal circumstances that require them to reside in the area.  Pre-nursing student cohort size will not be limited and will be open to all students who are accepted into CUC, USD or LBCC and adhere to the Prairie Futures Student Code of Conduct.  Participation in the Prairie Futures pre-nursing cohort does not guarantee acceptance into the USD RN Nursing program. Students must meet USD admission requirements to enter the RN program. The Chamberlain RN cohort will be limited to a maximum of 6 seats and a minimum of 4 seats. All students are required to abide by the Prairie Futures Student Code of Conduct, participate in cohort activities and communicate with the Prairie Futures Student Coach as required.  This code of conduct is designed to protect and foster the core values of the Prairie Futures program which are: 


  • Pursuit of excellence
  • Desire to give back to the community
  • Teamwork
  • Professionalism
  • Respect for diversity
  • Flexibility and Adaptability
  • Pursuit of Continuous Improvement and Personal Learning

Prairie Futures Student Benefits

1. Students are eligible to apply for Tuition Reimbursement Scholarships after they have graduated and passed any required board exams. Exact dollar amounts are based upon funding availability and student willingness and passion to participate in community "pay it forward" activities. 


2. A Community Coach(s) will be assigned to each student in the pre-nursing cohort who will guide them through the program and serve as a liaison with faculty, and tutors as well as other students in the cohort. The role of the Coach(s) is to monitor each student's success, ensure the organization of a collaborative student community and encourage students to complete the program.


3. Tutoring subsidies are available to students.  Students are encouraged to coordinate and seek tutoring in groups when possible.  Students who require individual tutoring should communicate with the coach and work out funding arrangements. Open communication with your coach regarding tutoring needs is highly encouraged and is a very important aspect of the student/coaching relationship.  If funding is limited the coach will work with you to come up with alternative plans. Students are free to hire community tutors directly based upon their own financial capabilities and rate arrangements with the tutor.


4. A pool of laptop computers are available for students based upon need and may be checked out for the duration of the semester. Students must complete and sign the computer loan agreement. 


5. Students with Child Care and transportation issues are highly encouraged to work with the community coach to identify solutions.


6. Students have the opportunity to participate in College Survival and Medical Terminology courses free of charge. These courses are provided on an annual basis and designed to help ensure your success.

Applying to USD


First time & Transfer Students to USD should refer to the following link and be sure to indicate the Pierre campus nursing program when completing your application.  The nursing program in chamberlain is part of the Pierre campus.


Submit Official Transcripts to:
Higher Education Center
Attn:  Kris-Tina Pieper
4300 Cheyenne Blvd.
PO Box 250
Rapid City, SD  57709

After you have been accepted into USD you will need to schedule an advisory session with Lisa Feller (Director of Nursing – USD Pierre; 605-773-6723; lisa.feller@usd.edu) to identify your course plan.

COMPASS Placement Testing

Please note that if you have never attended college then you will be advised to complete the COMPASS Placement test for English and Math. This test may be taken at the Brule County Extension Office in Chamberlain. You will need to contact this office at 605- 234-4431 beforehand to schedule an appointment.

Applying to Lower Brule Community College

Lower Brule Community College
PO Box 230
111 Little Partisan Ln
Lower Brule, SD , 57548

PHONE: (605) 473-9232 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting / (605) 473-9232 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

FAX: (605) 473-5462

QUESTIONS: email: natalieb@Lowerbrulecc.org

Chamberlain Course Schedules

Spring 2013 TBD

Applying to the USD Nursing Program

The deadline for applying for Fall 2013 admission to the nursing program is February 1st. You will need to complete the application packet and return it to Lisa Feller. If you wish to participate in the chamberlain area program then please write "Chamberlain" on the form in parenthesis after Pierre and indicate it as your first choice for site locations. 


  • Enrollment at each campus is limited. Application materials received after the deadlines will be considered on a space-available basis
  • Complete the attached Nursing Application Packet <http://www.usd.edu/health-sciences/nursing/upload/nursing_app_all.pdf> .  The application packet includes:
    • Application
    • Physical and Mental Requirements Form
    • Plan of Study
    • Three Reference Forms
  • Submit unofficial transcripts with Nursing application
    • If you are a current USD student you may print an unofficial transcript from Web Advisor.
    • Students not enrolled at USD must supply unofficial transcripts from ALL previous colleges attended
  • Return the applications and unofficial transcripts to:  
    • Pierre
    • Capital University Center
    • 925 East Sioux Avenue
    • Pierre, SD 57501
    • Contact:  Lisa Feller (Lisa.Feller@usd.edu), 605-773-6725



Important Documents
Computer Loan Agreement
Tutor List
Prairie Futures Key Contacts
Prairie Futures Student Directory
Prairie Futures Student Code of Conduct Policy