Approach to Support

Approach to Support

We believe that success requires broad based participation, leadership, and strategic alliances. Therefore, one of the valuable roles that MHCH plays is to serve as convener and facilitator of broad based groups of people who can make a positive difference.

Basic Process for Giving and Support

Our process for giving and support is primarily annual in nature and begins with identifying our strategic priorities. The next step is to review potential programs and funding opportunities based upon how well they support our strategic priorities, guiding principles and criteria for selecting partners.

Evaluation of Impact

We continuously measure progress towards impact and evaluate results and will change course if results are not being achieved.


Our Guiding Principles

How we intend to operate and make decisions on a day to day basis.

  1. We understand that to execute our mission, “To improve quality of life and create opportunities for growth and enterprise development”; it requires great stewardship of the financial resources we have available and the time we have to give.
  2. We accept the importance of staying focused and being in it for the long haul, however we will continuously measure progress towards impact and evaluate results and will change course if results are not being achieved.
  3. We are committed to the spirit of collaboration and diversity because we believe it’s the only way to be successful therefore we choose initiatives where collaboration and diversity are required.
  4. We believe in helping others help themselves therefore we select initiatives where the need to change is acknowledged and embraced.
  5. Our efforts must have a positive impact on our defined region.
  6. We look for opportunities that provide the foundation with a unique opportunity for adding value.
  7. Participation must arouse a level of passion and excitement within the MHCH organization.
  8. We believe that science and technology have great potential to improve lives.
  9. We believe our most valuable role is that of facilitator and convener and we avoid situations that jeopardize the effectiveness of this role.
  10. We value learning and research; we are driven by results!
  11. We believe that success requires a systems approach to addressing problems and solutions therefore we select programs and partner with those that display a willingness to understand the big picture and plan for the long term.

Who We Partner With and Support

We support, partner and work with non-profit organizations, educational institutions, individuals, businesses and governmental organizations that evidence:

  • A good operational plan and strategy
  • Willingness to take a systems approach to problems and solutions by:
    • Recognizing the importance of seeing the big picture
    • Acknowledging that an improvement in one area of a system can adversely affect another area of the system
    • Addressing problems and solutions with an eye toward a holistic view of the long term
  • Effective leadership
  • Strategic alliances with key public and private agencies, businesses and individuals
  • A system for developing and evaluating problems
  • A match with the foundation’s mission and guiding principles